Silicone surface treatments have many advantages such as their durability against weathering, ease of use and excellent hydrophobic properties. There are however different classes of silicone actives that are used as water repellents:
-  Siliconates
-  Alkoxyalkylsilanes
-  Polysiloxanes
-  Silicone resins
Each class contains several commonly used actives. In commercial silicone water repellents often several  of these actives are combined. They can be delivered in various forms:
-  Solutions in water
-  Solvent based formulations
-  Neat, 100% actives
-  Emulsions, including high solid content crèmes
-  Powders
The choice of the best active(s) depends on the substrate and application and is generally a compromise among performance, ease of use and cost.
We will help you to make the best choice for your substrate.